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Age Of Empires Revisited 1.12


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Posted 29 June 2016 - 5:46 pm
I am excited about this release. It has an enormous list of balance changes to make the game fairer. In the original game it was almost impossible to play random civs in random map or death match games. Now the game is far more balanced and the resources balanced for pop 200 games and all the things you would expect.

Because the new version also modifies the language dll file, I have not put this update on voobly.

Let me know if you would like it as a downloadable mod using the voobly interface.

All versions can be found here
[You must login to view link]

Patch 1.12 is out. Starting to rebuild the game with some added features. Balancing is reasonably complete in this version.

New Techs:

Added 25 extra food to starting farms. Free

Replaces writing in the government center. Gives 10% cheaper phalanx line and priests (priests were increased in cost so tech reduces it back to almost original cost of 126G)

Moved to granary along with Look Out research and available in Stone Age for better team games.

New Units:

Look Out
Haven't done any art but this is a revamp watch tower as a very wide Line Of Sight unit. LOS 13 and goes up with upgrades in market like other towers (woodcutting etc). Has a small range and attack to help defend against Stone Age rushes. May need to remove attack if it can be exploited, but I think the cost and overall power of this unit is that it helps stop the LOS exploitation ie 1 villager building in your town area.

My solution to the Assyrian villager bonus was not one directional. The Assyrians and Yamato have 10% faster villagers (reduced). However, storage pits and granaries cost 85W and barracks now cost 100W meaning that they can go up faster and the clubmen and axemen can be produced earlier and have the same speed as Yamato and Assyrian villagers by default. So you can still harass with villager wars but there is an effective counter. Plus the Look Out helps defend better by providing fantastic line of sight in your base area. They have low hitpoints and used offensively they are not that powerful (I hope). Also I reduced the aging time for Too Age to 90sec which means no longer will people be able to go almost instantly from tool to bronze. This makes Tool Age fights more possible than before. Also I changed the HP of the tool age military buildings because there were no units that could effectively destroy them quick enough. Now 10 villagers can destroy a barracks or archery range under roughly 30sec.

Enjoy the game and let me know if you would like it in the Voobly mod download section. I will not update the voobly version unless it is wanted.

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Posted 6 July 2016 - 1:12 pm
Because of some technical issues with the language.dll I think we may need to branch the Revisited patch. One branch will continue developing the new units and techs while the other branch will focus on being only a balance and fix patch.
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Posted 6 July 2016 - 3:07 pm
What is the technical issue with the language.dll?
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Posted 8 July 2016 - 12:49 pm
Some people are telling me that the language.ini file is not working on Voobly. But from what I understand we have fixed it in 1.15. Although I wouldn't mind feedback from others to confirm it works.

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